Draft Graphic Collage

I created this draft of my collage using some of the basic Photoshop principles we learned last week.  Basically, I tried my best to recall as many of the image altering techniques we covered in the tutorials plus some of my own as I messed around with the different tools at our disposal. Mainly, I chose to use different filtering techniques such as blurs, sharpening, lens correction, contrast, toning, and rasterizing. I wanted to make more stylized images without completely ruining the photos with alterations. I actually had a version I created before this one that I liked a lot better but I accidentally made it 32-bit somehow and couldn’t save it to the web for blog purposes without re-sizing it and screwing with the changes I had already made.

The images I chose are all owned by me (except the background) and represent a few things in my life that I enjoy and are important to me. The jetski picture represents my fun-loving spirit and the value I put on family as I am with my sister. The baseball photo is of a great catch I made a couple years ago that my Dad managed to capture on film. It also is supposed to display my love of sports. The picture of two guys is my best friend Anthony (left) and I after a good workout at the REC. He means a lot to me as well and I think this was a great picture portraying how we like to act. The Coug pic is of me when I first got to WSU. Its important to me because Wazzu is my new home and I love my Cougs. The background of Seattle was chosen because its my hometown and I’ve always enjoyed seeing the city skyline at night with the Space Needle in view. The Space Needle is also one of the coolest landmarks in the U.S. in my opinion.

Overall, I think these images and this collage as a whole paint a little picture of who I am. I hope to continue improving my Photoshop skills (its still a headache at this time) so I can utilize them for future assignments in this class and also in the workplace someday.

I used this freely-shared image of the Space Needle for my background from one of the recommended sites:



  1. Hey Zach, great collage! You did a great job with the borders of the picture and finding a good Seattle background picture. I like how the collage seems to revolve around the color blue, very nice. Your collage tells a great story and shows all the fun you’ve had. It also shows a story of how you are out going and active. The high saturation in the Seattle picture is pretty cool too. Things I would improve upon would be making colors pop out more, like the picture of you right by the WSU logo on the floor. You could also brighten up some of the pics so they tend to pop out more to. You did a great job though at connecting the collage to what you like to do. Other than making a couple of your pictures pop out more I don’t know what else to tell you to improve upon, good job!

    Keaton Moore


  2. I really like the fact that you utilized many different skills when editing each picture. I like the look that it gives off by having each picture look a little different. I am also from Seattle and really like that you made that you’re background and made it so that the space needle was a big part of your collage. When I first looked at your collage I knew right away that it was telling a story. You were able to incorporate the school logo, sports, friends and family as well as where you live. Each of these pictures look like you took them so there is no question about that. One suggestion that I would have is to edit the picture of you and your best friend to make it look similar to the other pictures because it looks like it was just placed there to take up space. Other then that I think that you did a really good job on telling a story about yourself.


  3. Hey Zack! Your collage looks really great. I really like the space needle as your background and the editing you did on it as well as the individual pictures. That really shows your use of photoshop. The collage really shows off the important areas of your life; sports, family, and spirit. The frames around the pictures are really cool as well. Some things I would improve on are the color of the pictures, it seems a little monochromatic. Make them pop a little but more, the background almost stands out more than the pictures themselves. Maybe make the whole collage framed so it has more of an outline. Other than that I think you have a great collage and it is designed very well. Keep up the good work!


  4. Overall, my collage came out better than I expected to although I know I can make changes to it to make it even better. Reading through these comments gives me a good idea of what it is that I need to fix and improve on. I really appreciate all the constructive criticism coming from fellow students who are also probably learning and experiencing Photoshop on the fly just as I am. I thought everyone’s collage was great and it was fun to see the unique personal touches each individual creates in order to convey a piece of their lives and story in just a handful of images. Their creative approaches inspired me to improve on my own design and keep an open mind about the struggles of learning Photoshop. I am going to continue playing around with the contrast on images, possibly lighting some of them up a bit and also will experiment with the different effects more to see if I get even more out of my images and final product than before. I think in summary I will keep all my images in place but play around with them in order to create the desired final look. I’d like to thank everyone for their constructive comments and look forward to seeing all the finished products.


  5. Hey Zack! First, you did a great job executing your Photoshop skills. I like the blue tint that most of the photos have. You also do a really good job of showing me all about you. I like the center photo. The effects you put on it work well. The non-blurry areas in between the slightly blurred spots add a unique quality to your collage. I think that’s actually my favorite part! The glowing top on the Space Needle also really stands out. It catches my eye right away each time I look at your collage. And the needle is already a one of a kind structure, so it was a good choice of effects. I do like how the background only shows from the bottom left to top right, but at the same time it’s a little unclear to me. It took me a minute for my eyes to adjust and figure out that it was building behind your head in the bottom left corner. Other than that though, really good job!


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