Final Collage

After carefully reading through comments and suggestions from my peers, I created the final draft of my collage using some of the basic image-altering Photoshop principles we picked up in the “tutorials” phase of the project.  Basically, I tried my best to recall as many of the image altering techniques we covered in the tutorials plus some of my own as I messed around with the different tools at our disposal. Mainly, I chose to use different filtering techniques such as blurs, sharpening, lens correction, contrast, toning, and rasterizing of layers. I strived to make more stylized images without completely ruining the photos with alterations.

Some of the bigger improvements on my final design were also some of the simplest. For example, as suggested by my peers, I brightened up the colors on my photos and also lightened them slightly. This really brought up the green grass, red in the Cougar logo, and the blue background of Seattle at night. I think these subtle changes actually made a world of difference. I also moved two pictures slightly for a cleaner look and altered the background on those images as well.

The images I chose are all owned by me (except the background) and represent a few things in my life that I enjoy and are important to me. The jet ski picture represents my fun-loving spirit and the value I put on family as I am with my sister. The baseball photo is of a great catch I made a couple years ago that my Dad managed to capture on film. It also is supposed to display my love of sports. The picture of two guys is my best friend Anthony (left) and I after a good workout at the REC. He means a lot to me as well and I think this was a great picture portraying how we like to act. The Coug pic is of me when I first got to WSU. Its important to me because Wazzu is my new home and I love my Cougs. The background of Seattle was chosen because its my hometown and I’ve always enjoyed seeing the city skyline at night with the Space Needle in view. The Space Needle is also one of the coolest landmarks in the U.S. in my opinion.

Overall, I think these images and this collage as a whole paint a little picture of who I am. I hope to continue improving my Photoshop skills (its still a headache at this time) so I can utilize them for future assignments in this class and also in the workplace someday. All in all, I am pleased with my final design and thank everyone for their thoughtful suggestions through constructive criticism, this process really helped me complete my vision for the collage. My design is not perfect as I had some issues with layering coming together and not allowing individual tailoring of the images but it is almost exactly how I first envisioned it so I cannot complain.

I used this freely-shared image of the Space Needle for my background from one of the recommended sites:


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