1. Zack,
    Nice job explaining what tools you used in your project. I think you demonstrated a good understanding of the tools we already covered in the tutorials. I think your logo is cool and I like how you tied it into your life. I like the idea of the ‘Est. 1990.’ I also like the colors you used together.
    One thing I think you should work on is adding some dimension to your logo. Like make the color similar to the effect used in the bunny tutorial, how it looks almost like metal. Another suggestion is you could make the object 3D which would also be cool. Over-all good job and nice explanation. 


  2. i like that you made a stereo for the logo since music is such a big part of your everyday life. The only critiique i have for you is maybe round the corners on the stereo because in my opinion it looks a little square and maybe use a different background color, but overall your logo looks great and shows your evolvement to music


  3. Wow, your logo is very artistic and right when I saw it I automatically knew it was a boom box. I think everyone can relate their love to music and you did a great job with the outline and the proportions to make it look like an actual boom box. A suggestion to this piece it you should probably make two different colors with your background and your boom box because it kind of looks dull. The specific parts like your speakers tops it off which is a good thing you did. Very interesting with incorporating your birth year and your initials on it also. I really like buttons on it makes everything looks very well “put in” and just one question. Is there any reason making your boom box black, grey and red? Nothing against it just a thought. Do you like listening to techno or house music or rap? Because colors make a huge difference and by your colors it looks that way! But overall, it looks great!!! Great job.


  4. I love the originality of your logo! It is so not like anything else I have seen on this project. It is cool that you chose to do something involving music since it seems to have a big impact on your life. I do not have much to critique about your logo because I really enjoy it however I would say it would look better if the edges were shaped a little more so it was not so boxy. You did a great job explaining the tools that you used and I defiantly realized I needed to add more detail after reading yours. Overall you did an awesome job!


  5. After reading through the comments from my peers I definitely have a good idea of what I need to do in order to make my logo a much better design. Executing these changes is another story altogether and is going to be the tough part as I am not completely confident in my Illustrator abilities unless I have step-by-step instructions. I think I need to add a shadow to the bottom of the stereo, much like the shadows under the little pink bunny in the tutorials. I also need to round the edges of the boombox so it does not look as 2-D and box-like as an illustration. I’d like to make it look completely 3-D and stand out as its own. I will add my original gradient background back to the design for aesthetic appeal as well as considering adding in different colored buttons despite my preference for the red and black. I will also think about adding in a couple minor features to the individual aspects of the radio that could go a long way in helping it stand out more. Overall, I think I have my work cut out for me in finishing off this design so it can look its best. I hope I am able to make these changes happen on the final project. I’d like to thank my peers for their thoughful and helpful constructive criticism on my design process.


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