Audio Story Draft

My audio story details why I hope to make a living of sports reporting and/or broadcasting some day. I have always had a passion for sports and writing and seek to combine these two interests into a successful and invigorating career for myself in the near future. I would love to cover local Seattle-area sports but would jump at the chance to work for a big, prestigious company like ESPN and put myself on the national stage in some capacity.

For my audio, I simply recorded myself narrating a story as to why and how I came about selecting this profession as my future career and what exactly I’d like to do. I also recorded audio of an opening, intros to my audio interviews, and a conclusion. I interviewed my parents and my sister for audio clips but only have my Dad and sister in the draft posted above.

I like how my draft turned out and see it as practically a finished product. The final time of my draft is 3:36, obviously just 24 seconds shy of the maximum requested time length of four minutes. I am however considering adding opening and closing music tracks with fade-ins and outs just like we learned in the tutorials for the Audition program. I may also re-think my transitions a bit in the final draft.

Overall, I hope I was able to tell a cohesive enough story with my audio clips and interviews. Putting everything together was a massive struggle but ultimately rewarding in the end.



  1. One thing that you could include in the blog post write up would be the trouble you had with putting the audio story together. You audio story is very interesting; you have a great narrative of your aspirations to pursue a career in sports journalism. I like the way that you provide interviews from the people that know you best. You not only just included the interviews all in a row but you also continued to tell the story between the interviews. The one thing that kept me interested in your audio story was wanting to know what your family had to say about your knowledge and experience with sports reporting. You also introduced who each person was in each interview which gave the listener the idea of who exactly was talking. One thing that I think could make the overall story more compelling would be to include some background music which you already included in your write up. Your story is very interesting and it is told in a logical order where you provide an introduction to your subject and then some background information backed up by your family member’s opinion. Other then that I think you will have to make very minor changes to get a final product.


  2. As of this time, I have only received a comment from one of my group members, Cody. He provided me with good comments on what I did well and what I could fix to improve my overall project. I agree with him that I could use some background music and I think that will be the only difference and change I make between this draft and the final product. I am not yet sure if I will just add intro and outro music or keep the music playing at a dull volume throughout the whole clip. I guess I will have to figure that out as I go.

    I did want to space out my two interviews a bit more than I did but where I inserted them was really the only logical place and it took me too much work to go back on my decision and move them around now. Audition is admittedly not as scary as it looked initially, definitely not as challenging to use as Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Having a Mac, I was able to use the wonderful recording program of Garage Band which is why my audio voiceover sounds so nice and clear. I used the Call Recorder program that the instructor posted in order to record my family talking on Skype. The audio is not as good as my narration but it is still pretty good. I am fortunate I did not have to run with the Quicktime Audio Recorder as it echoed and made some horrific screeching noises that I had no idea how to fix.

    Overall, I am quite pleased with how this project has taken shape for me. I was initially very frustrated with this assignment because I felt the “About Me” topic was going to make things difficult in terms of telling a story and I mean, who likes to talk about themselves all day? Regardless, I was able to take my writing and put it to good use in a script using some of the techniques I have picked up in college courses. It came out nicely in the end.


  3. Hey Zack,
    First off, I really liked what you had with your draft audio story! The voice over as well as your interviews with your sister and dad were crystal clear. As someone who is pursuing a career in the sports world as well, I really enjoyed what you had to say. A lot of what you had to say about sports being an ‘unhealthy obsession’ really got home to me. I agree with what you had to say about adding some music at the beginning and the end of your story. Might I also suggest just adding a song to the whole duration of the story, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the message you’re trying to convey. During your dad’s interview, you seemed to turn up the volume on your Mac and the little bleep sound was caught in the recording. I would suggest editing that out and then your story should be good to go! Can’t wait to hear the final product!


    1. Hi Zack. I think your story was really well written and compelling and the way you integrated interviews from your Dad and sister definitely added to the story. I thought both interviews gave a little bit of insight into your character and helped us learn more about you from a source other than yourself, which was really great. The only suggestions I have are that your phrases are edited pretty tight in the beginning of your audio story, almost too tight. It sounds a bit unnatural like you are jumping straight to the next idea without giving the listener that half-second to process what they just heard. I would give yourself a bit more breathing room. Also there was a little bit of stuttering in your Dad’s interview that could be cut out. Besides that I think the story is great and there isn’t much more that you need to do! Good Job!


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