Audio Story Final

*Intro/Outro Song: “Before I Forget (Instrumental)” by Slipknot. Obtained via SoundCloud under the Creative Commons License*

The only changes made that were different in my draft and my final project was the addition of an intro/outro song (I didn’t like having a song playing throughout the entire story) and a few little tweaks here and there with clip placement. I also edited out a couple little pauses and the noise that my computer’s volume button makes when pressed per the suggestion by one of my group members.

For my audio, I simply recorded myself narrating a story as to why and how I came about selecting this profession as my future career and what exactly I’d like to do. I also recorded audio of an opening, intros to my audio interviews, and a conclusion. I interviewed my parents and my sister for audio clips but only have my Dad and sister in the draft posted above.

Having a Mac, I was able to use the wonderful recording program of Garage Band which is why my audio voiceover sounds so nice and clear. I used the Call Recorder program that the instructor posted in order to record my family talking on Skype. The audio is not as good as my narration but it is still pretty good. I am fortunate I did not have to run with the QuickTime Audio Recorder as it echoed and made some horrific screeching noises that I had no idea how to fix.

Overall, I am quite pleased with how this project turned out for me. I was initially very frustrated with this assignment because I felt the “About Me” topic was going to make things difficult in terms of telling a story and I mean, who likes to talk about themselves all day? Regardless, I was able to take my writing and put it to good use in a script using some of the techniques I have picked up in college courses. It came out nicely in the end. Putting everything together was a massive struggle but ultimately rewarding.


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