Draft Video


Time Video Audio
0:00-0:04 Title sequence “Why Do I Want to Become a Sports Writer?””Well That’s a Stupid Question!”
Transition: Dissolve into clip.
0:05-1:56 Introduction segment/Chat of myself on webcam talking about becoming a sports writer.Transition: Barn Doors Me talking
1:57-2:17 Me speaking with my Dad on Skype about why he thinks I can make a career out of sports reportingTransition: Page Turn Dad talking
2:18-3:31 Me talking/Introducing Sister/Conclusion ClioTransition: Diamond/Cut to End Me talking/Sister talking
Ascona Audio Mix


My video story draft details why I hope to make a living of sports reporting and/or broadcasting some day. I have always had a passion for sports and writing and seek to combine these two interests into a successful and invigorating career for myself in the near future. I would love to cover local Seattle-area sports but would jump at the chance to work for a big, prestigious company like ESPN and put myself on the national stage in some capacity.

For my video/audio, I simply recorded myself narrating a story as to why and how I came about selecting this profession as my future career and what exactly I’d like to do. I also recorded audio of an opening, intros to my audio interviews, and a conclusion. I interviewed my parents and my sister for audio clips but only have my Dad and sister in the draft posted above.

I like how my draft turned out and see it as practically a finished product. The final time of my draft is 3:31. I am however considering fixing the opening (not yet included) and closing music tracks with fade-ins and outs just like we learned in the tutorials for the Adobe programs. I may also re-think my transitions a bit in the final draft.

Overall, I hope I was able to tell a cohesive enough story with my audio clips and interviews. Putting everything together was a massive struggle but ultimately rewarding in the end.