ComJour333 Outline

I. What happened?

Budget Cuts

a. 30 cityworkers to lose their jobs, library to be closed for a week in the Summer

b. Mayor Greg Nickels will cut $13.3 million out of the 2009 general-fund budget and will spend $5 million of the city’s rainy-day fund


II. Why?

Bad Economy

a.  To close a budget gap caused by lower-than-expected tax revenue, $29.5 million shortfall

b. Worst economic crisis in Seattle in decades

III. Effects

a. Most city departments will take between a 1 and 3 percent cut

b. Mayor Nickels plans to cut $400,000 he set aside for public toilets after they were deemed a failure


IIII. How are people reacting?

a. A group of city employees is planning an “informational picket” outside City Hall on Monday morning from 7 to 8:30 a.m. to protest the mayor’s cuts.

b. Nickels will brief the City Council on Monday about the cuts, and some members of his staff will attend a public hearing Wednesday at City Hall


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