ComJour333 Local Government Meeting Story Exercise

Whitman County Agenda

a. Michael Largent

b. Gonorrhea

c. Phil Hagihara

d. Scott Paradis

e. Today’s contribution: $100,000. They cut 80% of funding.

f. Financial Update (9:00 a.m.-Petrovich)


Pullman City Council


1. The difference between minutes and an agenda is that an agenda is a more complex and dynamic look at what is being covered at the meetings while minutes is more of a brief breakdown featuring one line explanations of events and discussions.


1. Schweitzer would open his building on May 1, 2013

2. SEL has 250 job openings currently

3. $100,000


Jan. 22 Agenda:

a. Derrick Skaug, Bill Paul

b. A consent agenda holds items “routin in nature enacted by a single motion of the Council without further discussion.

c. Mike Heston

d. $600,000

e. Salex Tax

Total: $1,144,117

YTD Total: $3,966,577


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