Peer Edit Exercise

Help your peers. Fix the following sentences and post to your blog.


1. More than 200 people received complimentary gifts for donating blood.


2. For the fourth year, the center hosted a charity event called “Dinner with a Coug.”


3. Only five-percent of the public donates, according to William Jones, marketing coordinator for the Palouse Food Bank.


4. From retail stores like Abercrombie & Fitch to hospitality companies like Coastal Hotel Groups to tank operations firms like Washington River Protection Solutions, there are opportunities for all majors. “I discovered a lot of companies previously unknown,” said Lee.


5. Johnson will speak at 7:00 p.m. on Feb. 19.


6. The world-renowned artist will shock with her creative sculptures.


7. The exhibit is titled “Ceramics from the Kolva-Sullivan Collection”.


8. Anderson, a sophomore engineering major, was the team’s coach.


9. “It’s a branding opportunity for our community.” Blacker said. “We don’t want to just be a community but rather be known as a green community.”


After each sentence, write the subject, verb and object.


a. Sustainability and a green friendly lifestyle is something the city council plans to promote this year in Pullman.

Subject: Lifestyle

Verb: is

Object: city council plans

b.  A discussion on getting the city of Pullman involved in social media was also mentioned.

Subject: discussion

Verb: was mentioned

Object: getting


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