Census Data

1 What percent of county residents live in poverty?
2 What percent of state residents live in poverty?
a On the top right, click on ‘Browse data sets for County.’
b Click on Social Characteristics.
1. What percent of county residents have at least a bachelor’s degree?

2. What percent of homes speak a language other than English?
c. Click on Economic Characteristics.
1. What’s the unemployment rate in your county?
2. What’s the average commute for workers?
26.5 minutes
3. For workers 16 years and older, what percent work in agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining.
4. What percent of household earn less than $15,000?
5. What percent of households received food stamps?
6. What’s the median earning for a male? For a female?


1 On the right side of the page, conduct an Address Search for your neighborhood.
a List one demographic characteristics of your neighborhood
Income: Over $500,000
b Do the same for your home address. List one difference between the addresses (based on Census data)
White: 69.8 %
Asian: 14.7%
Use this interactive map to find the state with the highest poverty level.
Alabama at 18.9%
In Washington, which county has the highest poverty level for all ages?
What about for children (under 18)?
Now search by elementary school district in Washington state — which three districts have the highest levels of poverty?


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