Possible Beats

Local Sports:

I’d try to narrow down the scope of this focus but WSU’s new scoreboard (along with the other ongoing major football program projects) would be a good sports issue to explore that is relevant and interesting to many people in this geographic area.

Link: http://m.spokesman.com/blogs/sportslink/2013/aug/22/wsu-adding-new-scoreboards-martin-stadium/

College Health:

This is another focus area that I would need to narrow down further. With that said, I feel like covering stories relating to health issues affecting college students would be interesting and think that people/sources in the know would not be too difficult to come by. This article describes our university’s efforts to combat alcoholism and binge drinking on campus and I think its about time somebody takes a stand.

Link: http://news.wsu.edu/articles/37026/12/WSU-tries-new-tactics-to-combat-alcohol-abuse


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