Guidestar Questions

1. Guidestar, which requires (free) registration, can help identify nonprofits across the country. Register and find the following data.
a. Login and find World Vision.
1. What was World Vision’s revenue last year?


2. What was value of its assets?

$249, 213, 398

3. What were total expenses of World Vision?


4. What percent of its total expenses was related to program services?

If we do deep into these federal filings we can see where the nonprofit spent its money, how much it paid its officers, and how much it received in contributions.

b. Let’s look at American National Red Cross.


c. How did contributions change from 2012 report to 2011?

They went down from 1,013,873,120 in 2011 to 741,190,737 in 2012.

2. On the Guidestar front page, click on “Advanced Search” for Washington.
a. List the top two nonprofits by income.

Community Foundation for Southwest Washington ($8,521,215)
Community Foundation of North Central Washington ($4,948,292)

3. Now search for nonprofits in “Pullman, Washington.”
a. List three local nonprofits.

United Way of Pullman
Pullman Rotary Charity
Leonard and Irene Berekson Private Foundation

b. Sort these by income. Which had the highest income?

1. United Way of Pullman ($191,471)

2. Leonard and Irene Berekson Private Foundation ($189,879)

3. Pullman Rotary Charity ($0)

c. Look at the 990 for the nonprofit with the highest income.


d. On Line 8, we can see that contributions and grants increased from the prior year to the current year. What was the percent increase?

Prior Year: 201,720
Current Year: 176,891

PI: 14.036327455890914%

e. What is the nonprofit’s mission?

To increase the organized capacity of people of the local community to care for one another via support of health and human services agencies.

f. How much does the foundation have in assets?

g. Who received the most compensation and how much? (Hint: Go to Schedule J)

Not sure on this question, J referred me to their website?

h. How much did foundation give to rabies research in sub-saharan Africa?
Not sure.

i. How much did foundation pay board member Duane Brelsford for office lease?

Not sure. I cannot find this information.

4. Search again ( for Washington nonprofits by topic, e.g. arts, education, environment, health.)
a. Look at the report for the Community Action Center

Found it.
b. Look at the report for Alpha Gamma Delta.
Found it.


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