Final Blog Post

  1. What was your favorite project(s) during the semester? Please explain why. My favorite project during the semester was probably the audio story. Overall, I am quite pleased with how this project turned out for me. I was initially very frustrated with this assignment because I felt the “About Me” topic was going to make things difficult in terms of telling a story and I mean, who likes to talk about themselves all day? Regardless, I was able to take my writing and put it to good use in a script using some of the techniques I have picked up in college courses. It came out nicely in the end. Putting everything together was a massive struggle but ultimately rewarding.

     My audio story is important to me because it details why I hope to make a living of sports reporting and/or broadcasting some day. I have always had a passion for sports and writing and seek to combine these two interests into a successful and invigorating career for myself in the near future. I would love to cover local Seattle-area sports but would jump at the chance to work for a big, prestigious company like ESPN and put myself on the national stage in some capacity. I also really liked any of the Photoshop projects like the collage and logo because I’ve wanted to get into Photoshop because it’s a great tool to use.

  2. What skills did you learn in the course that you believe you will use in the future?

Learning the tools of the trade of the Adobe programs is essential as I was able to gain invaluable experience in creating multimedia content. I want to get into sports journalism be it through writing, blogging, or broadcasting so this kind of knowledge is definitely something that will come in handy to me down the road.


3. What coursework or career path do you see in your future? Did this class influence your decision-making in choosing a career path?

I want to be a sports writer in the future and I can definitely see some of the coursework knowledge being applied to future tasks for me in the immediate future. Creating multimedia content shows employers that you’re a well-rounded journalist who can tackle any obstacle thrown their way. The modern day journalist needs to be able to write, edit, interview, take photos/video, and upload content to a blog.


4. Is there any skill that you wished you would have learned in this course that you did not learn? If yes, what skill is that?

I wish I could have learned a bit more about each and every program but there would not have been enough time. Specifically, I would have liked to learn more about Adobe Premeire and editing video clips.


5. Did you find any websites or resources not posted in the class material that were especially useful?



6. If you have any other thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc., please feel free to add them to your post.

Thanks for teaching me how to create web content and maintain a blog. I learned a lot that can help me in the near future.