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ESSB 5849 Electric vehicle charging C 60 L 13 4/23/2013 7/28/2013

Two-Sentence Explanation:

Electric vehicles utilize electrical energy to operate and require this from the grid or an off-board source. According to the Municipal Research Center, 16 local governments have adopted ordinances related to electric vehicle charging.

Why Now: According to public testimony,the bill is being supported because of the desire to adopt of electric vehicle technology. The bill would make sure charging stations are utilized for charging purposes only. Tickets would be handed out to violators (not charging while in a charging designated spot) and would allow easy access to electric vehicle operators. The bill is said to protect the financial investments that have been made in the charging station network. The bill offers education to the public on the proper use of charging stations and designated charging areas wherein the level of the fine provides a significant deterrent to blocking a
charging station.

Interviews:Electric car owners,Electric charging station operators, Jill Satran OCIO, Alan Griffing WA State Federation of State Employees

Format and Length: 500 words, news story

ComJour333: Quick Speech Exercise

Gov. Christine Gregoire announced her support for the introduction of a bill that will allow same-sex couples to wed, before an audience of 100 supporters of gay marriage in Olympia on Thursday.

Gregoire said the ultimate decision to support same-sex marriage was a difficult one, citing her religious beliefs as an obstacle she had to overcome.

“The responsibility of a state is to license only, ” said Gregoire.

“Religions can decide what they want to do but its not in the state’s business to discriminate.”